is a Certified Payee Corporation. To make your payment to Bodying via Maybank2u, please follow simple steps below:
Step 1 : Log on to and click on Login and enter your Username and Password.
Step 2 : Select Accounts & Banking tab and then Transfer, followed by click on New 3rd Party account transfer.
Step 3 : Next on this page you will see “New 3rd Party Account Transfer - Step 1 of 3”.
Step 4 : Please enter your Order Amount and Bodying Order ID which will be your Order ID given to you on the final confirmation page, starting with BMY. If you can not find your Order ID, please login to your email account and look for Order Confirmation Email.

Please note that Order ID. does not support alphanumeric character: For example if your Order ID is BMY40999-400888, please enter it as BMY40999400888

Maybank Account name: Bravon Worldwide
Account Number: 514141-635958
Step 5 : Enter TAC. Request a TAC number if necessary.
Step 6 : Once your payment is confirmed. You will see a message
Status : Successful .

Please click on Receipt to generate a copy of the Official Payment Receipt.

In order for us to expedite your order, please fax a copy of your Official Payment Receipt to Fax: +603-62413948, or email to us at [email protected]

Please note: We will not be able to process your order without receiving a copy of your Official Payment Receipt.